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Crema Anticelulitis Desincrustante


Anti Cellulite Cream Desincrustante
Deep therapy and cellulite softening

An effective three stage cellulite treatment
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About 80-90% of women are affected by cellulite. And one may have tried a multi-combination cellulite treatment and may be slightly disappointed with the results. We know your fight with cellulite is an everyday struggle and no matter how hard your diet program and your exercise routine is you just can't seem to get rid of cottage cheese thighs or unsightly dimples; meaning cellulite. To achieve the prevention of cellulite with an integrated anti cellulite program, which consists of a healthy diet with 2-3 liters of water per day and an exercise routine, Danaefabienne has developed a complementary three stage cellulite treatment to be applied with daily massage.



Cellulite Cream Desincrustante
The Desincrustante Anti Cellulite Cream - deep therapy and cellulite softening is the first one of the breakthrough topical cellulite creams Danaefabienne. Stage one to soften even hardest cellulite clusters. To loosen up incrusted cellulite fat cells which reach right into the deepest layers of skin is crucial to get rid of cellulite and reestablish the beauty of soft and healthy skin.

The main active ingredients have been carefully selected for their state of the art effects. While the active ingredients like fucus, cherry, jojoba and many more they create a soft peeling result, they help to restore the cellular structure and stimulate the conjunctive tissue.




Reduce visible cellulite
Firm dimpled and uneven skin
Tighten and tone conjunctive tissue
Improve circulation to prevent further uneven skin
Reduce inflammation progressively
Prepare lymph drainage of cellulite



In case of incrusted cellulite, which might hurt on touching, an additional application of the Danaefabienne Desincrustante Cellulite Cream is recommendable. The Drenante Cream against cellulite takes the logical following stage two to drain cellulite and burn fat. The Desincrustante Cream shall be applied with vigorous massage on dry and clean skin in the morning and evening.

Ingredients: cherry, guaraná, fucus, jojoba are only some of the powerful natural actives used in this breakthrough cellulite cream.



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