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Stretch mark removal, how to fight stretch marks?


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Stretch mark removal, how to fight stretch marks?




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Stretch marks are caused by skin expansion and/or movements in general. Usually stretch marks are mild to more pronounced and vary in the colors red, purple to white; the color sequence is also reflected in the age of the respective stripe. Most of the time stretch marks can be found where the connective tissue has developed slim: tummy, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and women also develop stretch marks on breasts.
However women and men can get stretch marks. Nature doesn’t make a difference, but the in general are more frequent on female skin, because their connective tissue a weaker structure. But weaker connective tissue is not the only reason for these marks, furthermore, stretching of the skin by gaining and losing weight, a diet low in minerals and vitamins, less sportive activity or due to a fast growing during puberty; and pregnancy of course.
However, it is also to say that not everyone who eats les minerals or does little sport becomes stretch marks. But does applying stretch mark cream several times a day, drinking lots of water not help to prevent stretch marks? The answer is: certainly.
But fortunately, men and women can prevent stretch marks. Get rid of stretch marks cannot be done completely in all cases, however, their appearance can be greatly reduced with help of  Danaefabienne anti-stretch mark cream. First the skin should be clean and regularly moistened. Then the cream shall be applied daily to prevent stretch marks; and we recommend an exfoliation not more than 2 to 3 times a week.
According to a German study on pregnant women which applied an anti-stretch mark cream and a massage only a one third of them developed stretch marks compared with another group of women who did not receive a massage or anti stretch marks creams were applied two-thirds of them developed stretch marks. (1) Consequently applying the anti-stretch mark product with a massage helps to prevent stretch marks. We recommend a massage movement on dry skin several times a day; before the pregnancy and before the sport and after, because it will help to prevent stretch mark at early stage.
For this reasons it is important to start early with the “Crema Antiestrías - Efecto Nutritivo” Anti-Stretch Mark Cream - rich in nutrition as an intensive care.

(1)^ Wierrani, F; Kozak, W; Schramm, W; Grünberger, W (1992). "Attempt of preventive treatment of striae gravidarum using preventive massage ointment administration.” Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 104 (2): 42–4. PMID 1609525