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Anti-cellulite program Danaefabienne - the difference




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Why is the anti-cellulite program Danaefabienne™ different than the otherwise available on the market?
Regardless of the producer most common cellulite creams on the market usually are all-in-one creams, which vary most of the times in their quantity offered. The Danaefabienne™ anti-cellulite program however is different! Through a three-step treatment the individual three creams intend to additionally focus not only on personal type of women and skin type, but to take the intensity of the cellulite as well as the time since this skin condition is present into account.
Our experienced laboratories developed our anti-cellulite program exclusively for Danaefabienne™. We also were able to make sure that all multi-factors ingredients were broken up according to their actives and subsequently synthesized in accordance to their respective modes of action. Taking into account the degree of dilution, the time of encapsulation and the natural designation, the anti-cellulite program is stage-specific selected for its natural ingredients in each of the three creams. The active ingredients penetrate into the deepest skin layer to only unfold their healing effect at the right moment.
The three cellulite creams are complementary and connected to each other, whereby the treatment should be extended in a stage further, if e.g. a retention (1 Crema Desincrustante), drainage (2 Crema Drenante) or a Nutrition (3 Crema Calmante) appears to be necessary for a longer period. This characteristic makes the anti-cellulite program Danaefabienne™ unique on the market!
How does the Danaefabienne™ anti-cellulite program work?
The three complementary Danaefabienne™ anti-cellulite creams work as follows:
(1) Crema Desincrustant: having an auto-massage with the 1st cream the encrusted skin gets softened so that the selected active ingredients shall be able to help to exfoliate and move including the most encapsulated cellulite, which then can be reduced.
(2) Crema Drenante: this cream has been specially developed to initiate the fusion of cellulite. It is recommended to be used after sufficient application of the first cream and shall be massaged into the skin. By this the skin tissue can be drained more easily by the lymphatic system; the lymph system ensures, among other benefits, that the intermediate spaced between the cells are freed of excess fluid.
3) Crema Calmante: the 3rd cream is especially for skin regeneration and cellulite prevention. After adequate loosing up of the skin during the first phase and cellulite drainage in the second one, the connective tissue now needs nutrients which will be supplied with this 3rd cream; the stronger tissue shall prevent new cellulite. The natural active ingredients calm the skin making it silky smooth and shiny over a long period of time.
Most important active: cherry, pineapple, carrot, centella asiática, guarana, caffeine, vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium. All these natural active ingredients are: (a) exfoliate (b) venotonic (strengthening of vein and stimulating blood circulation), (c) a diuretic effect (facilitate the drainage) (d) lipolysis, (e) antioxidant,  (f) moisturizing, (g) soothing and (h) restructuring the connective tissues.
How long should the Danaefabienne™ anti-cellulite program be applied?
The creams are intended to function as shock treatment. This means that Danaefabienne ™ Cellulite Treatment is made to provide emergency aid to a problem that has been put aside. Depending on the degree of cellulite visible (more or less) and the time we have had this problem (more or less), we recommend continuing for at least 90 days for young women and skin where visibility is not so obvious. At stages with more visibility of cellulite it is recommended to extend the program for 6-9 months.
Which phase should be intensified and how can the degree of cellulite be determined?
In case of harder cellulite, even painful at touch, we suggest to strengthen the first phase with 2 or 3 extra applications of the cream Desincrustante till skin feels softened at touch. It is then that we will have to apply the cream phase 2 Drenante to initiate the drainage process, and finish with the cream Calmante soothing the skin tissue. As reference to determine whether to extend phase 1 or 2 we may consider visibility of cellulite and the sense of touch. To preserve beautiful legs we recommend continue applying the 3rd cream Calmante.
The treatment has been ended, what now?
At Danaefabienne Belleza Natural™ we are speaking of a philosophy of life; a philosophy on being aware that women’s natural beauty can only be the result of habits. We see that products helping women to incorporate beauty routines for every day that result in inner and outer beauty. During and after the Danaefabienne™ treatment against cellulite recommends a comprehensive act on the cellulite condition: make sports regularly, at least 3-4 times a week for about 45 minutes, reduce salt intake, drink two liters of water, and apply the Danaefabienne ™ cellulite treatment during morning and evening with vigorous massages. After this sock treatment using the Firming and Moisturizing Body Milk Danaefabienne™ Leche Reafirmante with impolitic effect every day to care of the skin and maintain the results.