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Getting rid of cellulite and cellulite treatment


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What causes cellulite?

Getting rid of cellulite and cellulite treatment




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Many articles were written on cellulite, its causes and tips to combat it. Hence it is reality that a large percentage of women suffer from this unsightly skin condition.
In order to reduce cellulite with different methods it is important to know factors that cause it. In fact, since various cellulite causes exist it seems natural that only a method which integrates various facets will prove to be a successful cellulite treatment.
It is known that the overweight itself, for example, is not determinant to generate cellulite, however the attempt to establish an ideal weight is favorable, but not only for the anti-cellulite process but for a healthier cardiovascular system and blood circulation as well; and for sure for a clear jump on our self-esteem to be thin(er).
However, psychological factors of emotional character become relevant when acknowledged that they influence or even have a strong impact on our body, for example: stress related to a bad eating habit, increase in stomach ache and gastritis provoking toxins, or a depression which may result in not feel like doing sports, etc.
Genetic factors which make us predisposed to inherit the tendency to form cellulite, without being designated to not be able to combat cellulite with success. But we shall emphasize that such genetic predisposition obliges us to be in constant struggle against cellulite and we have to be aware that once eliminated the chances of recurrence are much higher if body care routines of will not be followed.
In addition a poor diet may provoke heartburn, gases, a swelling of the belly and/or results in a slow digestion. All are factors that generate toxins, dryness of the intestine and colon that result in fluid retention and cellulite. In fact imbalance in the acid-base balance and the lack of body cleansing can be seen as another cause of cellulite. An incorrect or unbalanced diet and also stress favor the formation of unwanted cellulite.
On the contrary relevant a sedentary lifestyle with little or no sport may have impact on cellulite by favoring fat stagnation, poor vascularization of areas such as hips, buttocks, abdomen, thighs and arms all areas where women suffer mainly from cellulite.
To balance out the stress and for muscle build-up and the strengthening of the connective tissue we recommend a sportive activity practiced 3-4 times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes raising the chance to remove cellulite effectively. A plan or calendar with training sessions and space for monitoring for a period of 3 to 6 months (depending on the degree of cellulite) could easily be a support to an anti-cellulite program. We should be aware that cellulite not in 1 to 2 weeks, hence it is the result of a continuous progress. We recommend establishing a nutrition and training plan and daily massages with the anti-cellulite program to fight cellulite through the topical way as well.