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The massage as a supplement to the healing


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The massage as a supplement to the healing




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A growing amount of people are interested in the benefits of a massage. Often the first advice we give to a stressed-out colleague is to get a good massage. However, what are the benefits of a massage and are they scientifically documented?
To answer this question the summary of a small documentary research found shall serve as follows: Students at the New Jersey school of medicine who were receiving a foot massage before an exam showed reduced anxiety level and increased amount of white blood cells suggesting a benefit to the immune system.
According to a study by the University of South Carolina women who had experienced the death of a son, were less depressed after receiving a therapeutic massage.
At the University of Miami researchers at the Touch Research Institute found out that a massage helps people with high blood pressure, it provides a relief to those who suffer from migraine and improves employee´s performance at offices.
Paraphrasing Joan Borysenko in the Massage Journal Interview during fall 1999, it should be emphasized that 80% to 90% of the cases that come to the family medicine doctors are associated with stress. Furthermore these patients need someone who listens, who shows interest and need comfort. More due to lack of time and bureaucratic procedures these needs for care may not be satisfied. In her opinion the massage takes an essential role during any therapy of healing for its potential stress cleanup.
We invite you to give yourself a good massage because natural beauty starts internally and is reflected to the outside then. Much literature related to massages, different techniques learn and how to learn the art of a good massage and to share it with our beloved one. The Danaefabienne skin care products are specially designed for body care.
The anti-cellulite treatment should be applied with a lymphatic drainage massage for optimal results.
The Skin Firming Lotion can be applied in a Relaxation Massage due to its moisturizing and firming ingredients while the anti-stretch mark cream rich in nutrition and creamy texture may be applied with techniques of chiromassage or body wrappings for moisturizing and regenerative effect against stretch marks.
For more information we recommend the page of AMTA.