Danaefabienne Marketing de Cosmética S.L. has enabled international purchases

International shipping

We use the carriers DHL, the POSTAL SERVICE, MRW, etc. exclusively by certified mail POSTAL SERVICE in con las mejores cremas reafirmantes contra flacidez calidadpadded envelopes or package and rates for international shipments are reduced. Our best skin care products against stretch marks, firming lotions, etc. will not send to P.O. Boxes or hotels. We always intend to establish reasonable delivery time and in case you encounter a delay this will not be a reason to cancel the order. International shipment takes min. approximately 15 working days. Remember that to not be residents of the European Union the price is reduced in your favor by the 21% VAT that you will not be charged... (more information)




Secure payment with SSL or with PayPalssl



Using PayPal


Danaefabienne Marketing de Cosmética S.L. offers secure payment with PayPal

With PayPal you can purchase easy, quick and safe without sharing sensitive financial information. We accept your payment via PayPal for many countries and countries always if the selected members have completed the secure verification process with PayPal as well as identity verification by PayPal and other means of security.



Using Visa/MasterCard


Danaefabienne Marketing de Cosmética S.L has contracted the Virtual Service Terminal (TPV) with the bank CAIXA CATALUNYA. The TPV is SSL secured terminal and very common at sales via the Internet, that is to say:


1. It attempts to contact the card-issuing bank to request the authentication of the licensee (verification of your identity) before applying for the corresponding request for authorization. This ensures that only the genuine holder, owner of the card, can operate with it. Data integrity is assured at all stages of communications during the transaction as well as during authenticity of origin of the transaction and the handling of data by third parties. The card information is conveniently stored by the bank terminal which in turn will provide the payment system when necessary (for example for a return).


2. The TPV has SSL implemented on all communications that prevents the interception or interruption of the information.
Therefore, all transactions conducted through the TPV terminal will have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for the actors involved: cardholders and their bank entities, the shops and the Caixa Catalunya bank.



The purchase takes the following pattern:
1. The buyer accesses the online-shop and selects the products you would like to purchase.
2. Once the buyer has completed to introduce the necessary data for order and delivery, the shop website offers a button for payment with a credit card at check-out (Visa/MasterCard logo).
3. Hitting the confirmation button will lead to the TPV terminal of the Caixa de Catalunya to make the payment (just like it were PayPal).
4. Once processed the operation the TPV Virtual will inform you of the result, both the buyer and trade.
It may occur that the issuing bank and card holder have not yet agreed to any authentication method. However the transaction will still be considered as correct, this is: the owner cannot go back arguing that it has not been taking place, even if it has not been authenticated.


An error may occur during checkout of the purchase process always when the buyer has attempted to pay on the secure server of the CAIXA CATALUNYA and moves back to make changes to the cart and/or uses another card.

To resolve this problem simply empty the shopping cart, check out of your account and return to complete the process.