Dark spot corrector Limpidite Éternelle Dépigmentante



dark spot corrector


Dépigmentante (50 ml)



To remove dark spots on skin and smooth tone and color

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Dark spots on skin are the new wrinkles of the 21st century. Many women have or had at some point to get rid of dark spots on face or body; pigmentation spots are irregular discoloration of the skin, brownish, reddish or yellowish.
Air pollution, Wind, UV-radiation as well as other environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations or free radicals antioxidants are only some the external factors that cause pigmentation spots on the face.
Stress and hormonal fluctuations also influence that the tissue loses its brightness, glance and moisture. Unevenness and brown spots on skin may become obvious.

With its new specific treatment against pigmentation on face Danaefabienne stands out on the market of dark spot correctors. Step-by-step the cream helps to even natural skin tone, to give back luminosity and prevents new pigmentation spots.
Through avant-garde technology in cosmetics it was possible to synthesize exclusive and powerful natural active ingredients within the Danaefabienne Limpidite Éternelle face cream for dark spots so that visible results can be achieved quickly.


For an effective brightening of skin and maximum reaction on Depigmentation Kojiacid as pigmentations-inhibitor due to the generation and the melanin in the skin and anti-tanning effect
Skin strengthening and enhancing of the permeability barrier against the degradation of the collagen and elastin, and thus to build up protection and repair the skin caused by UV radiation and desiccation
It has been demonstrated that the flavonoids inhibit the storage of fat and helps to remove stains of dry, oily and aging skin
Acceleration of the skin renewal process and the shed dead cells
Promote cell regeneration against wrinkles.
Protection against alkaline products such as soaps or oils
Minimize the damage by free radicals

Danaefabienne Limpidite Éternelle is an effective cosmetic against dark spots. The strength of the various active ingredients allows the prevention and effective treatment of various types of pigmentation problems as well as the preservation of a shiny and natural skin.

Instructions for use: in the morning and evening on the areas to be treated on the face. Press the cap 2 times and massage circularly upwards till complete absorption.