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Anticellulite Treatment 3


Anticellulite Treatment


An effective three stage cellulite treatment

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Is it possible to get rid of cellulite?

Yes it is possible. Simply, we must watch athletes and some fashion models who live integral healthy life styles. Much has been written about what cellulite is and its causes also innumerable products to get rid of cellulite prevail in the market.

Danaefabienne has combined its unique experience as specialist in the women´s body care market with a strong collaboration with laboratories with over 70 years experience to develop our best anti cellulite treatment.

This anti cellulite treatment has gathered natural high quality ingredients along with the best scientific methods. It has been inspired on effective techniques to fight cellulite based upon the manual lymphatic massage. This massage technique and its benefits to effectively fight cellulite have been widely documented.

The cellulite treatment for the legs where this antiesthetic condition prevails the most has probed successful amongst our recurrent customers, however this treatment has been developed to be used on the abs, buttocks and arms where cellulite also tends to appear.


Our formula makes the difference

Cherry, pineapple, chocolate, green tea, caffeine, paulina cupae, vitamins A,C and K are some of the main substances.

Gradually the hardest cellulite will be softened on the basis of daily applications for 5-15 minutes.

Once cellulite is softened its manual drainage becomes easier

Expelling excess water from the connective tissues.

Microcirculation is improved.

Texture and hydration of the skin are improved.

Depending on the degree of cellulite results start to become evident within the first 2 weeks of daily application.

Skin firming


Based on our experience the success of a good anti cellulite treatment depends on a personal commitment for 90 days to follow some basic daily routines, it is always advisable to work out on a regular basis, drinking water and to use the anti cellulite treatment Danaefabienne.

Because beauty is a lifetime philosophy, Danaefabienne´s philosophy we invite you to share our experience.

Use: We use the creams in consecutive days Day1)Crema Desincrustante, Day 2) Crema Drenante and Day 3) Crema Calmante –repeat- you can reinforce the first phase by applying the Crema Desincrustante if you have a harder cellulite and you can use this cream for as long as you start feeling it softer then you can use the Crema Drenante and finish with Crema Calmante.