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Skin Firming Lotion. Leche Reafirmante e Hidratante + Gel Busto


Skin Firming Lotion – with Lipo Effect
Leche Hidratante – Reafimante Efecto Lipolítico


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Weight (ml)250 ml

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Danaefabienne presents an excellent skin care product to provide the necessary nutrition to the skin.


Every day the skin is being exposed to external aggressions such as dust or temperatures as well as hormonal changes which cause a lack of moisture and nutrition making the skin appear lightless and rough at touch. Our skin needs water to maintain its smoothness and vitality to not appear rigid and without elasticity.


The Danaefabienne skin firming lotion uses the finest natural ingredients to
a) hydrate dry skin providing necessary moisture and
b) to firm it and helps to maintain vitality and firmness.
Additionally this skin care product has fat burning ingredients to preserve the effects obtained with the Lipo Reducing Slimming Body Gel Remodelante and/or our Anti-Cellulite Treatment.



Firmness is achieved gradually due active ingredients that combine the power of algae in synthesis with vitamins and beta-carotene; an excellent formulation that helps to firm your skin.

With daily manual applications the skin-tissues are being stimulated to regain natural beauty and softness.

Principal active ingredients: Orange, Fucus, Centella, Hibiscus, Aloe Vera and Green Tea