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Men and women are more and more aware how healthy it is to look thin and with a sculpted body, reason why they enroll in nutritional programs under expert supervision, they sign up for gyms and Danaefabienne´s Gel Remodelante contributes to all these daily routines to control fat accumulation under the skin. Due to its powerful ingredients we recommend it for men and women.

Danaefabienne´s Gel Remodelante has 3 times more fat burners ingredients than average creams, therefore we recommend it for use in problematic areas such as: hips, abs and fullness of the neck that results from excessive fat deposits.

Our formula makes the difference

Fucus, Gotukola, Chestnut, Hibiscus, Chocolate, Caffeine, Green Tea, Aloe, Laminaria and Oregano are some of its ingredients.

Daily use of Danaefabienne´s Gel Remodelante allows visible results since the first week of use.


Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of swelling
  • Progressive reduction of volume
  • Expels excess water of connective tissues
  • Skins firming
  • Microcirculation is improved


Use: Daily apply 2 times per day on the skin with circular movements until its total absorption.

For better results it can be used together with Crema Drenante Anticellulite, and it should be applied in the morning on clean skin with a vigorous massage, by night gel Remodelante should be applied with a slight massage until it is totally absorbed by the skin.

Fullness of the neck: Massage on a round fashion until its total absorption, it could also be used together with Crema Drenante Anticellulite in consecutive days.